SEO is a big thing when it comes to blogging. With google coming out with all these Panda and Penguin updates, new bloggers often get confused. One of our users recently got their entire site de-indexed from Google. In this article, we will answer the question: why my WordPress site got de-indexed from Google, and what can I do to fix it.

There are few reasons why this could have happened. Let’s take a look at the simplest reason:

You accidentally checked the “Ask search engines not to index my site” button under your privacy settings.


Whopps, that’s a big mistake. Change the setting, and give Google sometime to re-index your website.

The second issue could be that your site is hacked. Are you seeing something like this on your site?


Log out of your site, and then check again. If you are seeing something like this, then it means that Google thinks your site contains some sort of malware. This is why they decided to de-index you. The steps to clean up the site would vary from each individual hack. This is why we recommend that everyone use Sucuri. Here is an article on 5 reasons why we use Sucuri to improve our WordPress security.

If only certain pages of your sites are deinxed, then we recommend checking the canonical URLs on those pages. Open that page, and view source in your browser. Search for the word “canonical”. If the canonical URL is changed, then you have also fell victim to a sneaky hack. We have seen this on some sites.

Lastly, another reason could be that you pissed off Google by violating one of their many rules. This could vary from site to site. Google generally don’t de-index your site if you are caught buying paid links or something. Normally you just get a penalty for your domain, so it is not ranked high enough. But if you are de-indexed, then we suggest that you get in touch with Google by using the reconsideration form.

We hope that this has helped you figure out why your site was de-indexed from Google. If you have other tips, then feel free to leave it in the comments.

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