Rearranging comments to display the latest one on top is becoming a new trend that more and more top bloggers are implementing on their site. If your blog has a lot of user interaction, then this option should be your choice because often the recent comments get buried on the last pages or at the very bottom. In this article we will show you how you can rearrange your comments and display the most recent one on top.

There are multiple ways that have been shared online and some even require you to edit your core files. Editing core files is never a good option because every time you upgrade WordPress, you have to make that change again. We have two ways that you can use to rearrange comments and display them in the descending order showing the most recent comment first that will not require you to change the core files at all.

Method 1

This method requires you to add a simple code to your comments.php. First you need to find the line:

1 foreach ($comments as $comment) {

Note: These may vary slightly in different themes. Immediately before this line you need to add:

1 add $comments = array_reverse($comments);

With the reverse function, you can rearrange comments and show them in the descending order.

Source: Demonboy

Method 2

The second method makes the job even easier for those who are not good with codes. It is a plugin called Simple Reverse Comments. With this plugin, you do not have to edit any template files at all. Simply download the plugin and activate it.

Download this Plugin from WordPress Plugin Directory