facebook1Facebook photos are one of the most popular features on the world’s largest social network, with 300 million pictures being uploaded daily as of April 2012.

People post various types of photos on Facebook for different reasons. For example:

  • Facebook Profile Pictures – Every user can display a small profile picture to represent themselves and change it as often as they like.
  • Facebook Cover Photos – Users also have a big photo display space across the top of their profile pages. The horizontal images that users can display up there are called Facebook cover photos. These large images also can be changed frequently, just like profile photos.
  • Status Photos – People can post a photo through Facebook’s publisher box, which is then displayed in their friends’ news feeds. The photo can either serve as a standalone status update or illustrate an accompanying text status message. People can also publish groupings of photos through the Facebook publisher box, typically using the “create a photo album” function.
  • Facebook Photo Albums – Photo albums on the social network are just a group of photos displayed together. You can title them, caption each of the images inside, add photos later, publish them to your friends’ news feeds and organize the albums in various other ways, too.
  • Facebook Mobile Photos – Facebook has a standalone photo app for Apple iOS devices, called Facebook Camera. Facebook’s other mobile apps have more limited photo management capabilities. There also are other third-party apps are available to help people do more with Facebook photos on mobile devices.
  • Privacy of Facebook Photos – Users have options for how public or private they want their photos to be, as this guide to Facebook photo privacy explains.
  • Facebook Photo Tag – Users can “tag” themselves and other users who appear in photos uploaded to Facebook, as this guide to adding a tag to a Facebook photo explains.

Facebook Photo Functions

Adding, organizing and managing your Facebook photos can be challenging, especially since the social network likes to change its user interface fairly frequently. Just when you’ve gotten used to the menus for doing something–like managing your photo albums or adding a new profile picture–it seems the user interface is changed, or there are new size requirements.

Here are some of Facebook’s most basic photo functions:

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