image-securityOver the past decade social networking websites have become a cornerstone of the internet and given people the opportunity to close great distances between each other, so is it really such a surprise just how ingrained social networking has become in our lives?

Going online and logging on to our favorite social networking websites to get updates from friends, bonding with family, and catching up on the latest news has become a big part of everyone’s daily habits. The benefits of being able to connect with others has even prompted businesses to tap into social networks as leverage against the competition. Most businesses have even engaged the services of advertising strategists to increase their popularity, but it is not enough. Online marketers recommend hiring a social media agency to make marketing efforts easier through social marketing online.

Although social networking sites are the portal to popularize your business, there are also disadvantages and security measures required for maintaining them. Social networking sites can be an enormous force for good. However, it comes with unnatural dangers. If you still don’t know the risks, here are some points on how to protect yourselves from any of it.

Publicity of Personal Information

When you sign up on a social networking site, make sure you don’t input your full name, just set a name that can be recognized by your true friends. Never input important information such as date of birth, year graduated, university where you graduated, where you’re residing, your contact #, where you are working, and personal questions for retrieving accounts, as it may come back to harm you. I’m not saying that all this information should be a false, you should just leave these fields blank. This information can be used against you by identity thieves and/or be used for scamming purposes.

Assume Everything is Public

In every thing you do on social networking sites, assume at some point it will become public. Never post anything online that can harm your business or company as it can use against you, including chats and conversations which have the potential to be saved and posted to the public.

Images on the internet are permanent

We all know that the internet can duplicate any content or image in the blink of an eye. It can spread a thousand times faster than bacteria. And, even when you delete these images, there is still a chance that your photos/images have been duplicated, copied, or cached by another internet service. This is an important point/detail that companies should keep in mind. Businesses should be careful about what they put in SNS profiles. Everything should be about brand building and reputation management, or else it has the potential to ruin your company’s reputation.

Side step location based services

Never use the location status if you’re in Starbucks having a business meeting or appointment as it can give the people an access to where you are located.

Don’t post anything sensitive

I would like to emphasize the need to avoid posting anything that is potential for any sensitive business which can harm you and your business or company. This could be a leak point for your competitors to see where and who you are dealing with and provide your competitors with an edge.

Using social networking websites can give you many benefits, but keep in mind the potential danger. It is best to hire a social media agency to avoid risks and let them take care of the social media activities for you.

This article was contributed by Richard Franklin, who is an Internet marketing expert that wants to share his knowledge with people who are about to hire an SEO Company for their businesses. He has also given words to many articles where one can find the latest trends popular in SEO and social media companies.