WordPress Website Maintenance Monthly

£119 / month

Is your WordPress Website running slowly or vulnerable to being HACKED? Out-of-date software running on your system is the biggest single cause of these issues. Using Wordpress Website Maintenance Monthly will reduce the likelihood of these things happening.

a) 20% have seen the ‘white screen of death’
b) 60% have deleted a file not backed up
c) 70% have had a plugin failure after an update
d) 75% are not using WordPress backup plugins

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The WordPress Website Maintenance Monthly pack will provide you with common work tasks each month to make sure your WordPress site keeps running smoothly.

Although it’s very important, WordPress maintenance is often seen as a chore. Think of your site as though it is a vehicle. Most can become inefficient and unreliable without regular attention. Also, from a security point of view, a badly maintained site can be a liability. Without necessary updates being performed, security holes can appear. These backdoors allow hackers to use your site to commit fraud, spread malware and launch further attacks. Unwanted content, such as comment spam, consumes valuable resources and impacts on your search engine rankings.

All in all, regular maintenance is essential for a healthy and optimised website.


The WordPress Website Maintenance Monthly deal includes the following services :
✓ WordPress support – resolve your website problems
✓ Secure Backup
✓ Backup Restoration if required
✓ Malware Monitoring and Removal
✓ Removal of SPAM

✓ Plugin updates
✓ WordPress core system updates
✓ Theme updates
✓ Up to and including 3 hours of work

NOT INCLUDED WITH WordPress Website Maintenance Monthly

– System Hosting
– System Migration

4 reviews for WordPress Website Maintenance Monthly

  1. Mark V

    My Rating : 5/5

    Mike was really helpful and solved my issues fast. I would highly recommend him.

    Mark V. City of London, GB.

  2. Roger L

    My Rating : 5/5

    Excellent service – everything done swiftly and efficiently.

    Roger L. London, GB

  3. John A

    My Rating: 5/5

    The guys at DWH have a very impressive knowledge of WordPress. The monthly maintenance package represents great value for money and I totally trust DWH to maintain my website for me.

    John A. London, GB

  4. Amy B

    My Rating 5/5

    Mike was thorough and conscientious in establishing exactly what was required and whether the work was suitable to be covered under the package before suggesting that we book the work with him. Its this kind of preparatory work which is so important and which you dont get from those charging absolute rock-bottom prices. With both parties confident we understood the requirements Mike then completed the process efficiently and to the highest standard, keeping in regular touch with us. Mike is professional, friendly and above all extremely competent and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend him. As mentioned there are those charging less for similar packages, but Mike represents exceptionally good value for money when you are dealing with business-critical services such as websites. Thank you Mike, and I hope we can work together again soon.

    Amy B. London, GB

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