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WordPress Development of Code. A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme. Child themes allow you to modify, or add to the functionality of that parent theme. A child theme is the safest and easiest way to modify an existing theme, whether you want to make a few tiny changes or extensive changes. Instead of modifying the theme files directly, you can create a child theme and override within.

If you were to modify an existing theme and it is updated, your changes will be lost. With a child theme, you can update the parent theme (which might be important for security or functionality) and still keep your changes.

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The WordPress Development of Code pack will provide modifications to a pre-existing WordPress theme’s functionality. Common requests are adding or changing post and page templates. Also to add or amend functionality to the WordPress theme (either for the wp-admin “back end” or the web site’s “front-end”)


The WordPress Development of Code deal includes the following services :
✓ To modify a pre-existing WordPress theme files for up to 4 hours. (If your project is more complex, and will therefore take longer, please contact us for a quote)
✓ We will work from the mutually agreed itemised list of changes.


Please note, this deal does NOT include :
– Adding/Changing Content
– Web Hosting

What info do you need from me to provide WordPress Development of Code?

– WordPress Admin URL and login details (wp-admin screen)
– FTP Login Details
– The Web address (URL) of the WordPress theme you are using.
– Detailed list of changes to theme functionality,  page/post templates etc. Also fonts, images, colours.

2 reviews for WordPress Development of Code

  1. Jamie H

    My Rating: 5/5

    Great Freelancer, communicated well kept us informed. Will be using again. Recommended.

    Jamie H. Bristol, UK

  2. Sam G

    My Rating: 4/5

    Mike was v good cant complain, difficult theme to work with and he had a big project on at the same time.

    Sam G. Chelmsford, GB

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