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Everyone with a website has the same question. Is my site and my content safe and secure? The answer is not if you haven't got a Safe WordPress Backup.

Sites get hacked every day. Our passwords are rarely as strong as we think. And sometimes it doesn't matter. Sometimes we (or our clients) delete the wrong file or make a change that breaks something. Ever trigger a fatal error from a bad plugin? Crashes happen. This is why it is essential to Create a Safe WordPress Backup. With a backup safely stored on your system, recovering from a problem is quick and easy.

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The Create a Safe WordPress Backup pack’s will provide you with a safe copy of your ENTIRE WordPress website. The resulting files will be stored on your website server.

Why do I need a Backup of my Website?

Just imagine… Your new website is live. You are making changes, updating and moving content around. Then *oh dear* you accidentally delete a file or changed something. God forbid, the site stops working. Not to worry, you have a copy of your site, right?

Website backups are an essential part of owning and maintaining a website. It is the site owner’s responsibility to keep recent backup copies of the site. If the worst comes to the worst, having a copy of your site files to restore is invaluable. If you are unlucky enough to suffer a malware attack or you accidentally erase or overwrite a file – having a copy on hand can minimize the stress and time of recovery.


This deal includes the following services :
✓ backup of the database
✓ back up of your system files
✓ Files archived to a zip file


Please note, the Create a Safe WordPress Backup deal does NOT include :
– Restoring the backup
– System Migration

Info we need to Create a Safe WordPress Backup

WordPress Admin URL and login details (wp-admin screen)
– FTP Login Details
– Registrar URL,  Admin Login Details and Domain Name

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  1. Lee R

    My Rating 4/5

    Really good service. Always on hand to help, thoroughly recommended

    Lee R. Bexhill-on-Sea, GB

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