Because WordPress is a publishing platform, there are options for content visibility that most beginners overlook. Have you ever thought about creating a blog post that you don’t want everyone to read? Maybe just for family members or close friends? Or maybe just very special group of your users? Well, in this post we will show you how you can protect your posts by requiring password, or even user registration.

When writing your post, there is an option called Visibility that is set to Public by default. If you click Edit, you will see options such as Password Protected and Private.


The easiest way to protect your post is by adding a password to it. You will simply select the password protected button, and add the password that you want. Then only the people (family/friends) who know the password will be able to see your post. This method works great for personal blogs, but what if you only want to share a post with your editors?

Then there is an option called private which will only show the post to users with Administrator and Editor user level. This method is often used to test out all errors within the post on a corporate level. But that may still not work for what you want.

There are other ways to protect your content that uses advanced mechanisms such as membership sites that we will cover soon.

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