With social media sharing on a rise, we are seeing more and more attempts for branding. This branding starts from a custom twitter background, facebook welcome page, but it does not stop there. While most of us were sharing generic, and other URL shortners, top brands like New York Times, TechCrunch, BuySellAds, and others were using their own customized short urls like “”, “”, “”. This got us thinking, and we decided to create our very own customized short URL for WPBeginner which a lot of you has asked about. For those who did not see it, look over at our twitter @wpbeginner. We are using “” as our custom branded short URL for this blog. A custom branded short url is great for building a personal or business brand, as readers will know exactly where it will lead when they see it shared on social networks. In this article, we will share how you too can get your very own customized short url for your WordPress blog.

Step 1: Buy a Short URL

Most of us do not have a very short URL for our blog because if we did, we could be using this trick instead. But because we do not have a short URL, we would need to purchase a short URL. Now if you think about it, these domains are very creative, so how can you find it quickly? Well you can use number of tools to find domains, but we recommend using to find these cool names.


If you type in the word you want to include in your short URL, this site will provide the different ways you might assemble it with a variety of domain extensions (TLD). It also lets you know which of these options are available for purchase. You need to make sure that your Domain is less than 15 characters. Once you have picked the domain, register it from the top registrar: Godaddy (look around the web, and you might find coupons as well that works for .in)

Step 2: Register for Pro


Most of us do not have the capability to create our own script that lets us manage, and track branded short URLs. But you have nothing to worry because has taken care of that. It is free to sign up for a Pro Beta account. With the PRO account, you’ll be able to set up your customized short URL and view statistics on the customized short links that you create. It can and might will take as long as a week for to approve your registration.

Step 3: Set an A Record to Point to


Next step is setting an A Record, or DNS Host, for your short URL to point to’s IP address. We presume that you took our advice and used Godaddy to register your domain. The A record is located under the “Total DNS” tab, so login and add the DNS record and point it to the IP (this is’s IP).

Step 4: Verify Your Site

Enter the domain name you want to track (your blog’s actual domain) in your Pro account. This domain should not be the same as the short URL that you just set up. After you verify that you own your site, will automatically convert any links you shorten from that site to your custom short URL.

Once your setup is complete, any url that you shorten from your site will use your custom branded domain. If you do follow this article and decide to get your own Customized URL, then please share with us in the comments.

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