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WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is used by over 14.7% of Alexa Internet’s “top 1 million” websites and as of August 2011 manages 22% of all new websites.

Trackbacks and Pingbacks in WordPress

  Recently while viewing our Facebook page, we saw one of our users asked a question that we thought we had covered. Unfortunately, we never did. The question was about trackbacks/pingbacks. Here is the question: “Do you have an article or explanation about moderating...

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Email Newsletter 101 for your WordPress Blog

We have been getting a lot of request to write a detailed tutorial that shows how to add an email newsletter to your WordPress blog. So in this article, we attempt to cover every aspect of email newsletters and WordPress for beginners. This includes the very basics to...

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Adding a Gallery in WordPress with a Lightbox Effect

How to add a gallery in WordPress with a lightbox effect is one of the hottest question that we have been getting lately through our contact form, so we have decided to cover it. Many beginners are not aware that WordPress has a built-in gallery feature that can be...

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Create Your Own Customized Short URL for Your Blog

With social media sharing on a rise, we are seeing more and more attempts for branding. This branding starts from a custom twitter background, facebook welcome page, but it does not stop there. While most of us were sharing generic ow.ly, and other URL shortners, top...

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Hiding Your Posts from Some Users in WordPress

  Because WordPress is a publishing platform, there are options for content visibility that most beginners overlook. Have you ever thought about creating a blog post that you don’t want everyone to read? Maybe just for family members or close friends? Or maybe just...

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Customizing WordPress Admin Area (Dashboard)

Have you ever felt that your WordPress dashboard has additional clutter that you do not want. Sometimes added by additional themes, plugins, or maybe you don’t like one of the default widgets. Well in this article, we will share how just a beginner can customize their...

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Adding Verification Codes to Your WordPress RSS Feed

Often when WordPress bloggers signup for third party publisher accounts such as Digg and others, they are required to verify ownership. Most services offer multiple options of verification such as adding meta tags to the header, uploading a blank file, and adding...

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Embedding Videos in WordPress Blog Posts

Videos add a new life to your blog posts. There are tons of things that can easily be explained a 2 minute video versus a 1500 words post. In older versions of WordPress (Prior to 2.9), you were required to use the embed code from the video site, or use a plugin to...

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