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Computer security (Also known as IT Security) is information security as applied to computers and networks.The field covers all the processes and mechanisms by which computer-based equipment, information and services are protected from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction.


How To – 14 Tips on Modifying .htaccess

.htaccess is one file that every web admin should know and understand. At its basic level it controls access to your sites directories. But there is much more that you can do, as the snippets in this post will show you. If you you would like to learn the basics of .htaccess, you should check […]


Security Tips for using Social Networking Websites

Over the past decade social networking websites have become a cornerstone of the internet and given people the opportunity to close great distances between each other, so is it really such a surprise just how ingrained social networking has become in our lives? Going online and logging on to our favorite social networking websites to […]