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How To – Quickly and Easily Increase WordPress Security

Sometimes you encounter a tip which is so simple you can’t believe you didn’t know about it before. If you’re running WordPress, you’ll have defined a wp-config.php file which contains essential settings such as the MySQL database host, name, user and password. It normally sits in the location where WordPress was installed — in most […]


How To – Make Your WordPress Site More Accessible

Most of the time, my writing focuses on search engine optimization techniques. So, why would I write about accessibility in WordPress? Because, to a large extent, optimizing a site for search engines and optimizing a site for disability access amount to much the same thing. The same techniques that allow search robots to index a […]


How To – Spice Up your Comments With WordPress Snippets

First the phrase was “there’s an app for that”. Now, the prevailing sentiment is “there’s a plugin for that” — which isn’t always a good thing. Many of the customizations you envision for your WordPress comments section can easily be made in your theme files, so you can get the polished comments section you want […]


How To – Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

The mobile web is growing exponentially. If your website doesn’t support mobile phones and tablets now, you can guarantee it’ll become increasingly important over the coming years. But what if you own one of the 13 million sites running on WordPress? I recently required a plugin which: worked on WordPress 3.1 could be used without […]


How To – Manage Multiple Sites with WordPress Network

Here you are, a web developer currently working on several different WordPress sites at varying stages of development. They’re all in different directories on your domain so clients can have a look and see how they’re coming along. Out of nowhere, a major new WordPress version is released, and the Genesis framework you’re using to […]


How To – Create Nested Shortcodes in WordPress

When an editor adds a WordPress [shortcode] to a post or page, it’s replaced by the returned output of a handler function within a plug-in or the theme’s functions.php file. Let’s create a simple example: // create a styled button function ContactButton($params, $content = null) { extract(shortcode_atts(array( ‘url’ => ‘/contact-us’, ‘type’ => ‘style1’ ), $params)); […]


How To – Write Your Own Easy-Administration WordPress Plugin

WordPress’s popularity owes much to it’s easy administration panels. Unfortunately, it can still be daunting for non-technical users such as your clients. At best they’ll require a little training, hand-holding and support. At worst, they’ll play around with plugin installation, edit some theme code, then expect you to clear up the mess. I’ve written a […]