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How To – 14 Tips on Modifying .htaccess

.htaccess is one file that every web admin should know and understand. At its basic level it controls access to your sites directories. But there is much more that you can do, as the snippets in this post will show you. If you you would like to learn the basics of .htaccess, you should check […]


How To – Turning Any Theme into a WordPress Theme

There’s a certain convenience to browsing WordPress-specific themes within the WordPress Extend them gallery and other third-party websites. That convenience comes from having all of the necessary WordPress Loops, variables, widget code, and PHP file inclusions printed into the file from the moment it is purchased or downloaded. But there is also a certain monotony […]


How To : Get Pictures To Use For Your Website

I purchase photos from iStockPhoto for client sites.   For free images, make sure the image/photo has a Creative Commons license; http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/ Many Flickr users have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license, and you can browse or search through content under each type of license. http://www.everystockphoto.com/ welcome to everystockphoto.com We are […]


How To – Add a Forum in WordPress with bbPress

Bulletin boards and forums are good old reliable tools to build online communities. There are plenty of open source forum softwares that you can install on your website. However, if you are running a WordPress site then integrating a third party forum with WordPress can be a mess. bbPress is the answer to that problem. […]


How To – Power charge your WordPress site for SEO

Don’t expect silver bullets, I have none. If your blog content or the product/service you sell is not useful for your visitors, doing SEO won’t take you far. Fine-tuning your WordPress site will work only if your content is good. Consider this a disclaimer before going further. Now that we can safely go on, here […]


How To – Create WordPress Themes That Sell

Considering the fact that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System out there and serves many users, it’s no wonder that developers feel encouraged and motivated to create themes for WordPress. After all, the gigantic size of the WordPress’ user base simply means that themes created for WordPress are likely to be used by […]


How To – Enter the World of BuddyPress: Tips And Resources

WordPress is quite possibly the most widely used open source CMS with thousands of free themes and plugins. Fans of the software have most likely heard of the infamous BuddyPress plugin for WordPress sites. You can extend the functionality to include user profile pages, private messaging, and even user discussion forums. BuddyPress is almost a […]


How To – Enable Tags in WordPress Pages

Tags have been supported in WordPress since version 2.3 was released in 2007. When used well, they can be a more effective form of navigation than categories or menus. But why has it never been possible to tag WordPress pages? Fortunately, WordPress provides the tools to help us enable tags in pages and any other […]