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Schedule Your Posts in WordPress

There is a certain time in a day when each site gets its most amount of users. Now if you live in a different time zone then your audiences then it becomes a problem if your peek time is 3 a.m. Or maybe you are going for a one week vacation, but you don’t want […]


21 Most Useful Time Saving WordPress Shortcuts

Sometimes writing a blog post can be a long process. To help you save some time in writing your blog posts in WordPress, we have decided to share with you 21 most useful time saving WordPress shortcuts. If you know any more then feel free to suggest them in the comment and we will add […]


How to Remove Visual Editor Mode in WordPress

WordPress has a robust feature known as the Visual Editor that makes your post writing area look just like a Microsoft Word. It makes writing post easy, but in many cases it ends up ruining the formatting. When switching to HTML mode and switching back, a lot of formatting is lost and then it causes […]