Funky Retro “The Young Ones” Poster Tutorial For Photoshop

In Today’s tutorial, we are going to put together a very simple promotional poster for the classic TV show “The Young Ones”.

I start in Photoshop with a canvas size of 960 x 600 pixels with 300 ppi. As I have mentioned before, I always try to keep in mind the 960-grid system. First off, I look for a copy-right free union jack image and resize it. Then I head over to Mr Caleb Kimbrough’s superb Hi-Res Texture site and get a nice watercolour image and paste that down as a new layer.

Now, this next step takes a bit of fiddling about in the Vector manipulation program, Illustrator. First of all, I got a screen grab of the end titles of an episode of the young ones and paste it into illustrator as high a resolution as I can. Then I isolate the logo and “The Young Ones” text. Now I have the logo, text and nothing else on the canvas. I fill them in solid #000 black. Next select Object>Live Trace>Make. This turns the outline into a vector. You may have to refine the shapes a little to get them right. My favourite software for manually editing the path nodes is Inkscape. This is an open source (free) bit of software – and very good it is too!

Now import your vector of the logo into your photoshop file.

Now, use the magic wand tool so that the logo and the words are selected. Click “Select Inverse” so that everything BUT the logo and text is selected. Click on the layer that has the high res watercolour texture on it. The black logo/text should disappear, but you should still see dotted lines around the outlines. Hit delete. Now you should have the water-colour image only for the shape of the logo and text. De-select view layer (eye button) for the logo/text vector. Add a Drop Shadow and Bevel/Emboss to the water-colour logo. I like it with a lot of height. I felt that the text was a little too light, so I duplicated the logo/text vector layer; removed the logo and changed the opacity to 50%. That was I darkened the text with-out losing the textures underneath.

All that gives us this nice logo jpeg!